ImpromptMe Conference - Virtual

Deliver offline-like experience to attendees of your online events!

Provide attendees of your online events with a powerful, easy-to-use platform so they can easily navigate throughout your event with ease. With our all-in-one, community-oriented event app, you can now turn your webinar into a fully-fledged event!

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Online lobby

From speaker bios, sponsor profiles or links to various online rooms of your choice for your workshops & presentations, your attendees can find anything and everything about your online event presented clearly in one place—no need to search through dozens of emails ever again.

1:1 Networking

High-quality networking among your attendees is now more critical than ever. Bring your online events to life with our 1:1 scheduling module. Provide your attendees with a simple way to create lasting connections with the fellow attendees of your online events.

  • Rich attendee profiles

    Enable your attendees to show themselves & to see who else is attending! Profiles can be easily customized for your event needs. What’s more, your attendees will be able to come back to this months later.

Desktop networking
  • Easy scheduling with time-zone consideration

    Provide your attendees with a simple way to schedule their 1:1 meeting for a time that suits both of them—no matter in which time zones they are located.

Desktop meetup timetable
  • Private meeting room

    Once an invitation is accepted, a virtual meeting room is automatically generated for your attendee’s convenience. Each attendee can bring one additional colleague.

Desktop meetup timetable

Stay in Control! Open vs Closed Events

Open event

Are you running an event which everyone is free to join? 'Open Event' is most likely the best option for you. Anyone can join your online event presentations & arrange 1:1 meetings as long as they know the access #hashtag.

  • Easy access for attendees
  • Fast set-up
  • Easy onboarding
  • Some attendee profiles remain empty
  • Lower attendee engagement
  • Lack of control over attendees

Closed event

Are you hosting an invite-only type of event, or do you want to know WHO exactly is attending your events? We will make sure that only registered attendees with a valid ticket have access to the app environment and all its benefits.

Pre-created profiles

Pre-fill attendees profiles and pre-fill them with the data collected about attendees during the ticket purchase, such as name, Linkedin link, company, position etc.

  • A greater level of control
  • Forget about empty attendee profiles
  • High attendee engagement
  • Capture valuable data about attendees
  • Connecting the ticketing system to our API is required
  • The set-up process takes +/- 3h longer
  • Cost increases