ImpromptMe Conference - Organizer portal

Simple steps,
advanced customization.

Organizer portal walks you through the event setup easily. Our algorithms do the hard work, so you can focus on what matters to you and to your event.

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Set location and date, choose your own branding

Select modules
& upload content

Uploading your content is quick and painless. Both manual and automatic option available

Set networking module

Define number or meeting places and length of meeting slots

Live early on

Bring your conference to life up to 3 weeks prior to your conference - 90% of meetups get arranged before the conference starts!

One app to match all your event needs

Profile info

Unique events, unique profiles. Each audience is different and it didn’t feel right for us to decide what kind of information your attendees should have on their profiles. That’s why we give you the option to choose.


Filters & privacy settings

Ensure your attendees can filter by parameters relevant to them and to your event. On top of that, you can also set reversed filters. This enables attendees to define who can and cannot invite them, which limits the number of irrelevant invitations received during large events.


User Roles

Connect your ticketing portal and customize the app for different attendees based on the ticket they’ve purchased. Customize the experience for different ticket classes - be it Physical vs. Virtual attendees or Visitors vs. VIPs.


Meetup slots length

For the majority of events, we recommend keeping the meetup length at 15min. But feel free to change this to anything between 5-60 minutes, depending on your needs!

Meetup spots

Planning a large event with hundreds of 1:1 meetings? Select automated seating and attendees will be assigned table numbers.
Planning a smaller event and don’t want to take space tens of extra tables? That’s okay, too! Simply define 1-5 meeting zones out of which your attendees will choose.

Easy to set-up & manage

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Create in advance, update live

Create and customize your event app according to your needs. Connect your ticketing portal, upload content and change it whenever.

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Communicate with attendees

Mailing tool to onboard attendees, push-notification to update them on any last minute changes. Whatever happens, we have you covered.

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Collect data, improve the experience

Analyze the engagement before, during and after the event. Powerful analytics are your secret weapon.

Empower your event.

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