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Happy attendee
= loyal attendee

We make sure your attendees leave happy so they come back the next time when you organize a next event!

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How? We created our conference app with 3 core principles at heart...


Everything begins with a handshake

People come to your event to meet all the amazing people you’ve gathered. And we make sure this really does happen. Do you want to know more? Just keep reading…


A great event app is like a personal assistant

It’s here to save your attendee’s time, remind them where and when to go & to help them arrange 1:1 meetings without the organizational hussle.


High-quality services are for everyone

We believe that high-quality solutions should not be exclusive for high-profile organizers who attract 10,000+ attendees to their events. High-quality, all-in-one event app should be available to every organizer who truly wishes to enhance attendees experience, without the need to spend fortune!

Access for attendees from anywhere

...Be it in the office, home in bed or during the conference. With our web solution, android and iOS application we have everyone covered.

What you get

Live early on

Bring your conference to life up to 3 weeks prior your conference in order to give your attendees time to set everything up before the conference starts

Talk to your attendees

Some last minute changes occured in the conference schedule? Just send a direct in-app message to all of your attendees at once to let them know!

Evaluate yourself

Check how is our solution performing at your event. See how many attendees turned into active users and which features they enjoyed the most with the easy-to-read data we, of course, provide you with.

What your attendees get


Your attendees can see the program the minute your event goes life. Let them see and read about the program and speakers presenting.


Attendees can easily create their own agenda. This helps them to keep the track of events they definitely do not want to miss and meetings scheduled.

Push notifications

Our app acts as a personal assistant for each of your attendees. They get notified on time about upcoming events and meetings either via push-notifications or text messages..

Match-making: Your key to success

Thanks to our intuitive app attendees can easily 1:1 meeting with others - hassle free.


Filter & invite relevant people with one click


Set time which matchech agendas of both people involved


Respond to invitations received with a single click

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