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Arrange 1:1 meetings with speakers and attendees easily, even before the event begins. Create an account and experience your conference at one place.

ImpromptMe Conference app

Personalize the experience

Mark interesting sessions & lectures. These will be stored in your personal agenda along with your scheduled meetups. You will receive notification reminders so you don’t have to worry about missing anything ever again!

Desktop meetup timetable

Meet people who matter to you!

  • Filters

  • Privacy settings

  • Agenda pairing - pics the best time based on your agendas

  • Schedule 1:1 meetings even before event starts

Desktop meetup timetable

Meet flawlessly

Your meeting room is assigned by the app when the invitation gets accepted. If something comes up, ImpromptMe makes it easy to reschedule while also keeping the other attendee in the loop.


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