ImpromptMe Conference - About


At ImpromptMe Ltd, we have 3 core values which direct each of our decisions.

#Simplicity #Transparency #Fairness

We believe that high-quality services - in our case conference & event apps - should be provided to each and every event organizer who wishes to deliver the maximum value to his/her attendees, no matter the size and budget of such an event.

Why? Because our ultimate goal is to live in a world where people spend less time on their screens and more time with one another - talking, discussing, discovering. This is where the real wealth of our society lies: in people coming together to do great things on a variety of levels. And that is why it’s so important to give those people tools and means to meet & discover other interesting, relevant people as easily as possible.

That is why we are building our software, iOS, Android & web app for conferences which enables exactly that, apart from other relevant and useful features.

If you relate to what we believe in and want to reach out, discuss possible cooperation or if you are simply interested in using our services, then please - reach out to us! We are always happy to talk (preferably in person) and discover new opportunities.